Message from the Management Committee July 2021

Message from the Management Committee

Membership renewals are going well with most mem-bers already choosing to renew for another year. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. For those who have not, please do so before you lose your benefits.

You should have received an email to participate in a poll to select a standard name for our honey. This name will be used in our application to endorse our honey as a standard food. We then hope that people use this name consistently to create a broader understanding of this valuable product. Please participate by voting for your preference. If the vote is close, we may hold a second poll with just the popular choices.

More than 80 stakeholders in the emerging Australian native bee industry are currently participating in a consultation process to develop a Research, Development and Extension Plan. We look forward to the face-to-face meeting at a Brisbane airport hotel soon.

In the May issue, we announced our first externally funded project: assisting the recovery of native solitary bees in bushfire affected areas in Western Australia. In this issue we announce the second, a project to boost sting-less bees on the fire-ravaged mid-north Coast of New South Wales.

We hope that our printed Annual will hit letterboxes soon, sorry for the delay.
Congratulations to the Brisbane branch, which celebrated 5 years in July.
Warm regards from the Management Committee: Tim, Dan, Ian, Peter, Lachlan, Steve, Kit, Toby, Dean, Diane, Martin, Mark, Monica, Neil and Tony

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