Wide Bay Branch – April 2024

The March meeting of the Wide Bay Branch saw much enthusiasm and many positive attendees. There was an informed discussion
regarding the Varroa Mite following a member’s attendance at the Varroa Mite workshop and information shared about the unlikelihood
of Varroa Mite’s impact on native bees, though the question of whether an increase of disease in affected European bee hives could lead to a spread of pathogens to native bees. On a more positive note, the club also heard from several members who are having success with eductions and rescues, including a challenging rescue from a utility pit surrounded by sand through which the bees were tunnelling to
avoid the rescue efforts.

The Wide Bay Branch looks forward to continuing to place stingless bee hives at local schools and kindergartens and is preparing educational materials to contribute to the school program.

The branch’s Facebook page was discussed as a way to share and promote our interest in native bees with the wider community. Following a discussion on the Bees and Pollination section of Tim Heard’s book, the group was very interested by the challenges presented by a hive split conducted on our host’s squareshaped four-section hive, which was noted to have a restricted brood height due to the use of cross-directional slump bars.

From Stephen Curran, Secretary, Wide Bay Branch
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