Your Australian Native Bee Association Inc. (ANBA) Is building a dynamic member based organisation dedicated to protecting all native bees (not only stingless bees), protecting our members and providing great learning resources and social experiences. We are working with many to build a national network.

Branch Locations

Australian Native Bee Association Inc., Management Committee

All members of the Management Committee would be happy to hear from you with questions, suggestions etc.

  • President: Megan Halcroft, Email:
  • Vice President: Ian Driver, Email:
  • Past-president: Mark Hall, Email:
  • Secretary: Tim Heard, 0434 416053, Email:
  • Treasurer: Peter Stone, Email:
  • Communications Officer:  Steve Flavel, Email:
  • Committee Member: Tobias Smith, Email:
  • Committee Member: Helen Hobbs, Email:
  • Sydney Branch Representative: Sam Higgins, Email:
  • Hunter Branch Representative: Sophie Poole, Email:
  • Mid-north Coast Branch Representative: Diane Norris, Email:
  • Coffs Harbour Branch Representative: Monica Rich, Email:
  • Wide Bay Branch Representative: Trevor Galletly,
  • Rockhampton Branch Representative: Lloyd Younger, Email:
  • Gladstone Branch Representative: Cheryll Gibson, Email:
  • Cassowary Coast Branch Representative: Liz Lang, Email:
  • Cairns Branch Representative: Stewart Clarke
  • Brisbane Branch Representative & Chair of Honey Subcommittee: Dean Haley, Email:
  • Chair of varroa response subcommittee: Anne Dollin, Email:
  • Chair of Promotions subcommittee: Stewart Clarke

Branch Executives and Contacts

Brisbane branch

  • Chairperson: Dean Haley,
  • Secretary: Greg Shea,
  • Treasurer: Peter Stone,
  • Events coordinator: Tim Heard,
  • Committee Members: Jennifer Shea (, Steve Brownlie (, Nina Rodgers (
  • Representative to ANBA Management Committee: Dean Haley,
  • Facebook Page:
  • Facebook Group:

Cairns branch

  • Chair: Stewart Clarke
  • Secretary: Nadine Dunne
  • Treasurer: Mandy Sapper
  • Committee Members: Michael Dunne, Olly Kiettipipat, Julie Clarke, Trevor Allwood
  • Representative to ANBA Management Committee: Stewart Clarke
  • Facebook Group:

Cassowary Coast branch

  • Chairperson: Liz Lang, Email:
  • Secretary: Sandy Ferris,
  • Treasurer: Deirdre Holmes,
  • Representative to ANBA Management Committee: Liz Lang, Email:
  • Facebook Group:

Coffs Harbour branch

  • Chair: Elaine Bean,
  • Secretary / Treasurer: Lena Schmidt,
  • Representative to ANBA Management Committee: Elaine Bean,
  • General enquiries:
  • Facebook Group:

Darwin branch

Gladstone branch

  • Chairperson: –
  • Secretary: –
  • Treasurer: Alicia Stanley
  • Events Co-Ordinator: –
  • Rescue Hive Foster Program Coordinator: John Starr,
  • Representative to ANBA Management Committee: Cheryll Gibson, Email:

Hunter branch

Please contact

Mid North Coast NSW branch

Meet on the first Thursday of each month at 7pm. Laurieton United Services Club.

  • Chair/Secretary: Diane Norris,
  • Treasurer/Assistant Secretary: Jim Marchment,
  • Representative to ANBA Management Committee: Diane Norris,
  • Facebook Page:

Rockhampton branch

  • Chairperson: Lloyd Younger,
  • Secretary: Marg Barry,
  • Treasurer: Rob Peach,
  • Communications & Social Media: Paul Rayner,
  • Representative to ANBA Management Committee: Vacant
  • Facebook Page:

Sydney branch

  • Co-Chairs: Michelle Carrick, / Sam Higgins,
  • Secretary: Natalie Er
  • Treasurer: Isaac Mayer,
  • Communications & Social media: Zac Narker,
  • Representative to ANBA Management Committee: Sam Higgins,
  • Facebook Page:

Wide Bay branch

  • Chairperson: Trevor Galletly,
  • Vice- Chairperson: Graeme Laing,
  • Secretary: Stephan Curran,
  • Treasurer: Brendan Macpherson, 0404122243,
  • Representative to ANBA Management Committee: Trevor Galletly,
  • Facebook Page:

Newsletter and Website Contacts

Please submit all articles/reports to:

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