Optimising bioactive content of Australian stingless bee honey

ANBA is delighted to be part of this game-changing research. We contributed funding and honey samples of different stingless bee species across wide-ranging environments from suburban backyards to horticultural crops. This project examined the profiles of both sugar composition and organic acids produced under these conditions. These provide valuable data to safeguard the consumer against fraudulent substitution.

These research outcomes will support the Australian Native Bee Association in its quest for an Australian Food Standard to enable stingless bee honey to be accepted as a specialist food commodity, with trehalulose used as a specific marker of authenticity of this high-value product. This improved understanding of the beneficial value of Australian stingless bee honey, and expanding its applications in food, have the potential to support the development of a new industry for Austral-ian native stingless bees beyond pollination services and hobby beekeeping.

Available for free download here: https://agrifutures.com.au/product/optimising-bioactive-content-of-australian-stingless-bee-honey/

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