Low-light foraging behaviour in Australian bees

South Australian bee researchers have studied the diversity of Australian bees known to forage in the low light at dawn and dusk. Low-light foraging behaviour was found to be more common than currently appreciated, high-lighting the importance of sampling bees at lowlight sampling times.

These bees are particularly common in the tropics. Using photographic morphometrics, the researchers were able to find associations between this foraging behaviour features such as the size of simple eyes, the density of the compound eye segments and the eye to head ratios.

Read here: Dorey JB, Fagan-Jeffries EP, Stevens MI, Schwarz MP (2020) Morphometric comparisons and novel observations of diurnal and low-light-foraging bees. Journal of Hymenoptera Research 79:117-144. https://jhr.pensoft.net/article/57308/

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