Wide Bay – November 2021

Sunflowers interplanted with popcorn and Lobelias

On Saturday we had our AGM in one of our members gardens. Everyone got the opportunity to wonder around the polyculture gardens and view the micro ecosystems supporting our native bees. Also, there were such positive discussions to round up the great year we’ve had.

The catchup reflected on workshops, nature walks, members presenting their bee husbandry techniques as well as the opportunity to meet like-minded meliponists.

As part of the AGM all executive positions were made vacant and a call for nominations was made. The election results are as follows:
• Chairperson – Josh Greaves
• Secretary – Stephen Curran
• Treasurer – Brendan Macpherson
• Vice Chairperson – Adam Kent

Emergency queen cell

Congratulations to the newly elected team, it’s exciting times ahead.

A big thank you to last season’s executive members, it has been a massive achievement to get the Wide Bay branch of the Native Bee Association to the standard it is. We pay homage to Tony and Sharon for the foundation work they put into setting up our group and we look for-ward to seeing them at our future meetings and workshops.

Finally, a massive shout out to our members! Your sup-port and input have guaranteed the success of our branch. The executive members look forward to catching up with you at our next event and talking everything native bees.
Regards from Executive members

For more info on branch activities, visit our Facebook page Australian native bee association – Wide bay branch., https://www.facebook.com/Australian-native-bee-association-Wide-bay-branch-112512193439742

Members discussing eductions

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