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Stingless bee hive placed at Thabeban State School

In early November, the Wide Bay Branch of the Australian Native Bee Association presented Thabeban State School in Bundaberg with a colony of Tetragonula Hockingsi stingless bees. Committee members Trevor Galletly, Stephan Curran and Brendan Macpherson attended the handing over of the hive. Trevor gave an informative presentation to students about Australian stingless and solitary bees and their similarities and differences from the more well-known European honeybees. The students surprised us with their knowledge of bees. “Some bees have blue stripes!”, one student replied to Trevor’s leading question implying that bees are black and yellow. “Not all bees sting,” was another reply. These students were not easily fooled.

The bees form part of a new garden at the school also featuring vegetables and a chicken coup. The garden is the brainchild of school chaplain, Stella Hundert, and aims to teach students about sustainability. Students were able to learn about the important role that bees and other insects play in crop pollination for food production. “

The school was presented with a copy of “Lovely – a story about a stingless bee” by Melissa Ballantyne and the Branch thanks Melissa for her assistance.

The branch hopes to be able to place hives in other schools in the region in due course, as resources allow.
From Stephen Curran, Secretary, Wide Bay Branch

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