NT (Northern Territory) – January 2024

ANBA NTs newest member Sarah and her mother Anne took their mellipes to Casuarina library on Friday the 9th of February for a celebration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Sarah created a game for children, giving them the chance to “Be a Bee”, and pollinate. The children (or excitable adults) put on a set of antennae, wings, and velcro anklets (bees knees) and are tasked with moving tennis balls (pollen) from one flower shaped paddling pool to another using only their ankles. Plenty of laughs and smiles abound.

The game was an engaging way to get kids physically involved in learning about bees and attracted many people to our exhibit. With the children distracted by pollen or drawing flowers for our garden there was plenty of time to talk to the adults about what bees they have in their gardens and how they can best care for them.

Local member Glenn Lang has been working with NT Correctional Services, who has offered to donate 20 Hives to the branch to support environmental rescues of Native Stingless Bees in the Darwin region. These hives have been made by repurposing waste pallet material and provide incarcerated individuals with the opportunity to learn new skills that can be transferred within the community. Stay tuned for further developments in this space.
From Sherronna Nowland sherronna_schaefe@live.com.au

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