Gladstone Branch News June 2021

The recent cold snap around Gladstone has certainly seen a lot of member’s hives going very quiet lately and only once the sun filters through do the residents get active, guess I can relate to that.

Finally, we have had the opportunity to officially attend the unveiling of the Ruth Crosson memorial plaque and native bee information signage in the Tondoon Botanical Gardens. This was done as part of the EcoFest which include a brief introduction to the public about native bees and the personal commitment Ruth had made to community, particularly the Tondoon Botanic Gardens. A huge thank you must go to Samantha Redshaw for all the work she put in to get the signage in place in time for the event. We must also acknowledge Fitzroy Basin Association and Gladstone Regional Council who provided the necessary funding support for the donation of the log hive and the subsequent signage. This will now hold pride of place in the Native Bee section of the gardens as a reminder of Ruth’s commitment and as an educational tool to the pub-lic about the benefits of native stingless bees.

Not a lot else happening in our group at the moment with members being a bit preoccupied but at a quick meeting last week both Mark & Ian are looking at how we can get our group more involved over the next month or so until the weather warms up. One possible option we are fol-lowing up is a workshop at Tondoon Botanic Gardens
I personally will be involved with another of my passions: marine debris cleanups on Cape York and no doubt will be looking around the area up there to see what bee activity is around, one such hive I do know about is at a friend’s house at Chili Beach which I observed last time I was there.

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From Ian Anderson

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