Gladstone branch – December 2023

Firstly thank you to Doug and Madonna for last month’s submission with an excellent account of our Nov Branch get together for a demonstration of honey extraction by Lyall Pohle. If you missed it go to the ANBA website and see the Nov newsletter.
Our next event was to be at Tondoon Botanic Gardens as part of National Pollinators Week. However the weather was against us, and the event was cancelled. Gladstone Regional had put a lot of effort into planning this event which promised to be a great day, hopefully we can do something later to promote native bees,

Water Meter Rescues and Fostering Program
Nov / Dec was Glad Regional Council water meter reading time again and at this stage only one rescue has been conducted by Doug and John which now has a new home in ANBA Hive #4 and from all accounts was very successful. The hive is now being hosted by Doug until it is stronger and ready for fostering out to a worthy recipient. To quote Doug’s report “It was the best rescue ANBA has done for the council that I’ve been involved with. Easy get out, good sized brood, good numbers vacuumed & process went to plan. Even the sun stayed behind the clouds a bit to reduce the heat.”

Phorid fly season
It seems to be that time of the season again and two of my own weaker hives which had be struggling for numbers for quite some time succumbed to the dreaded pest. I decided to open them up and at least recover some of the propolis before they turned to mush. Had I not been away at the time I may have been able to save them but as they say, that’s history.
On the positive side I have observed a lot of other solitary native bees in my garden enjoying in particular the flowering basil

Hive Split

Just completed a hive split on one of my oversized boxes which went extremely well and to my amazement, just two days later I observed a mating swarm outside the new bottom box in the afternoon and the drones all camped outside that evening waiting for the princess to emerge by lunchtime the following day they had all moved on to greener pastures.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. From Ian Anderson.
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