Coffs Harbour branch – October 2023

The Coffs Harbour branch met on Sunday the 17th of September at Walter’s property in Boambee.
We discussed the hive hosting program we are facilitating in our local area. Due to a lack of response from several potential venues it was agreed that we should approach the Dolphin Marine Conservation Park as a possible hosting site. One of our members had met the Life Sciences Manager at a community business function and felt they might be interested. It was noted that a Memorandum of Understanding needs to be drafted for this program to ensure that both parties are aware of the conditions and responsibilities that should be observed.

It was agreed that our branch AGM would be conducted in tandem with the workshop being conducted by Tim Heard at the end of October. Nominations for all branch executive positions are welcome.

Following our formal discussions we inspected Walter’s hives, one of which is currently undergoing eduction. He has several active hives which are located close to each other and has experienced great success in swapping the physical location of the boxes when one appears to become weaker. This has resulted in them both becoming stronger. Watch for a description of Walters techniques in the next Cross-Pollinator.

Our members then reconvened in west Coffs Harbour at the home of Bob Moulds from Clarence Native Bees Inc. This group have been active in rescuing hives dis-covered in the path of the Coffs Harbour bypass construction project. We were able to view several log hives, as well as some boxed hives rescued from fallen and broken trees. Paul and Bronwynn who were involved in the rescues were also present They showed us footage taken during the process and explained in great detail how the various rescues were undertaken.
Many thanks to Walter and his family for hosting us. Also thank you to Clarence Native Bees for sharing their experiences.
Keep an eye open for details on the events page on the ANBA website or our Facebook page.
From Elaine Bean

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