Cassowary Coast Branch August 2022

CCNBA Update & September Meeting
El Arish Meeting July

CCNBA (Cassowary Coast branch) met at El Arish at the end of July. We discussed the bees we were seeing in our gardens and made a list of the flowers they were visiting with the goal of creating a guide for bee attracting plants in FNQ gardens.

We also delved into identifying bees, wasps and flies by considering their different features. Attendees were asked to sketch each insect. We all know what a fly looks like, but hang on, try sketching a fly. And do the same for a bee and a wasp. Most of us were surprised at how challenging it was to draw these insects that we can easily name when we see them flying around. We broke down the features of each and had another go at drawing them. Hopefully attendees left the meeting being a bit more savvy with our ID.

Upcoming September Meeting
We’ve been talking about getting into the walls of Zoe’s house for a while now and it’s finally happening! Zoe is the daughter of two of our members and she has bought herself a renovator’s delight. The western wall of the house contains at least 15 clypearis hives. We are going to remove a section of the cladding at our next meeting in September and attempt to transfer at least one hive into a hive box.

Zoe has kindly offered to give away some of the hives so bring a box if you would like a hive. Initially, we are going to restrict giveaways to financial members so if you are a financial member and would like a hive, please bring a small hive box (suitable for clypearis bees) with your name and phone number on it, to leave for hive transfer.

Date: 10 Sep 2022, Time: 2 to 3.30pm
Location: South Mission Beach (Check emails or Face-book page for address details)
Bring: Chair and hive box with name if you are wanting a clypearis hive

  1. Meet and greet
  2. Hive relocation from house wall to box
  3. Next meeting/AGM: host, date, location?
    If you are attending, please respond to: Or go to events on our Facebook group page and respond by clicking “Going”,
    We are looking forward to catching up with everyone in September.
    From: Liz Lang, Secretary / Treasurer
    Cassowary Coast Native Bee Association Facebook page,

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