Brisbane Branch – August 2023

Report of last meeting
Brisbane Branch met on the 6th August. We were delighted to receive a talk from long time club member Steve Flavel on his research into box timber thickness and carbonaria hive temperatures.

Steve brought along 2 basic hives, which were a 50mm thick cypress, and a 25mm thick hoop pine. He showed us pictures of his set-up including the temperature probe placement within the brood mass. Steve related how he had sought out colder Winter temperatures out near Ipswich as well.

The take home messages were that brood temperature is significantly warmer than the honey pot region of a box. The thicker cypress boxes might be a bit better in Summer heat, but the 25mm boxes were almost as good. The 25mm thick boxes could heat up quicker in Winter.

After Steve’s talk, Brisbane branch held their AGM and saw all members of the committee return to their positions. Sentiments were ex-pressed that it would be healthy to see some turnover in the people on the management committee in future years to keep the club fresh. Brisbane has a large base of members with many attending Steve’s talk or the AGM in person or on line.
From Dean Haley and Greg Shea, Chair and Secretary of the Brisbane Branch
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