Message from the Management Committee November 2021

This issue heralds in a new management Committee for ANBA. Following our AGM earlier in November, we elected a team with lots of new faces and energy while retaining the experience of many of the founding members, see below for the full committee. Read a summary of our AGM and meet one of the new members on page 11

Most branches have already held their own AGMs and many have changed their executives. See the last page to get up to date with our branches.

We have a feature article for you on the efficiency of pollinators, not all flower visitors are the same, page 3
See another fantastic story on page 6, on the small reed bees that pollinate blackberries and raspberries. These bees nest in the canes of these berries and so can be managed to increase their numbers.

On pages 8 and 9 we have two stories of interest for stingless bee keepers. The first is a reflection on in-nest mating, the second a request for help to learn more about a parasitic wasp.

We have heaps of branch news for you this month, including an announcement of a new category at the hive exhibition. Get your exhibits in, there are heaps of prizes waiting for the winners.

Looking for gift ideas for Christmas. Help us to spread the joy of native bees by introducing a loved one to ANBA membership as a Christmas gift.

Warm regards from the Management Committee: Ian, Tim, Mark, Alex, Peter, Lachlan, Steve, Kit, Toby, Dean, Jason, Lea, Diane, Lloyd, Mark, Monica, Adam and Dan

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