Evidence For The Eighteenth-century Export Of Native Stingless Bee’s Wax From Northern Australia By Visiting Southeast Asian Mariners

FEATURE ARTICLE – by Kellie Clayton

This month’s issue features an original article by Kellie Clayton who writes about how collaboration between native stingless bee researchers and archaeologists might reveal the degree to which Southeast Asian mariners exported beeswax from northern Australia from the eighteenth century. Kellie has just completed a Masters of Archaeology and Heritage Management at Flinders University. Her final thesis was titled ‘The Malay Road’: Evolution in connectivity and the range of products sourced by Southeast Asia and China from northern Australia, with or without Indigenous agency, from the sixteenth century until World War I and can be found at https://theses.flinders.edu.au/view/571d2582-56e3-4474-8115-dfb428395a20/1

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