A name for our Australian native stingless bee honey

The Australian Native Bee Association surveyed its membership to determine the preferred name for Australian Native Stingless Bee Honey.

A consistent name will help the public recognise and distinguish it from other honeys. Also, ANBA is applying to have for Australian Native Stingless Bee Honey endorsed as standard food. That process defines and sets limits for the food and appoints a prescribed name. We want to nominate your preferred name.

The poll was open to our members (675 at the time of the survey). It was done through our website and ran for 1 week from 20 – 27 of July 2021. An email was sent to members with a link to the poll and an accompanying document that provided a brief background to each of the options.

The results shown below in the graph reveal a clear preference for the name “Native Bee Honey”. ANBA accepts this decision and will proceed to use this name in our Food Standard application. If this is accepted by FSANZ, then we will use it consistently for all purposes.

Everyone will be able to use this name and gain from the protection that the standard offers. As the name becomes widely accepted, we all benefit from the clarity provided by a single specific name. You are free to add words to your label, but we recommend that you keep the words “Native Bee Honey” together.

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