Wide Bay Branch – March 2024

The Wide Bay Branch’s February meeting was held at the Nene’s home in Childers. It was an informative meeting with 18 members in attendance and three guests.

After the discussion on Bruce’s eduction at the last meeting, Bruce gave an update on the changes he had made to his setup and was optimistic the changes were working.

Robert also gave an update to the meeting on his eduction which is progressing nicely.

A member supplied samples for the meeting of Austroplebeia australis, Tetragonula carbonaria and Tetragonula hockingsi bees from his hives for members to pick the differences.

There was an informative discussion on “Natural Enemies of Stingless Bees” from Tim Heard’s book amongst members. Members also enjoyed general discussion on their bees.

After the “sit down” part of the meeting we enjoyed Nene’s hospitality.

A hive split was carried out after this which, while it presented its challenges, was successfully completed with much interest from members.

From Stephen Curran, Secretary, Wide Bay Branch
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