Coffs Harbour Branch October 2021

At our last meeting the Coffs Harbour Branch of the ANBA met at a private property in Bonville, NSW, to inspect a 30 year old TC hive.

This hive had been through 2 floods and never been opened. The hive was relatively healthy, with no evidence of pests, and intact healthy continuous brood comb. Queen cells were identified but because of the decreased population an eduction was agreed upon for the method of propagation over brood splitting.

The hive was repositioned and a new double box OATH hive was placed in the original hive location. Propolis from the old hive was placed inside the new hive near the en-trance hole. Pipe was placed at the back of the new hive, linking it to the mother hive, and bees immediately began entering the daughter hive.
We meet every third Sunday of the month. At the next Sunday 21 Nov, 1-3pm at the Coffs Harbour botanical gar-dens, Rachel will lead us on a guided tour of the native bees in the gardens.

Also we welcome two new committee members: Rachel Melrose and Deb Nieuwendyk -Events Coordinator.
Contact Secretary Alison with any questions,, or 0417 712 957.
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From Monica Rich

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