Cairns branch – October 2023

Even up in Far North Queensland the seasons make a difference. We’ve had a wet winter, and lately the bees have been loving the warm Spring/pre Summer temperatures. Hives are swarming, and spectacular solitary bees are regular visitors to our gardens.

Please note, our FaceBook page has been updated lately and our new name is Australian Native Bee Association Cairns Branch.

The big news for Cairns straight off the press is that we have been successful with our submission to Cairns Regional Council for funds as part of their Climate Change and Sustainability initiative. Our project name is, “The Buzz around Cairns”. We will be purchasing a purpose built observation hive with live bees to take to events with the crowd favourite native bee honey. We will also be placing another hive along with a park bench into a public area on a local golf course. More details will follow next month. Our hives will be badged with plaques containing QR codes that link to our Association and will give details of the bees inside, at this stage Northern Hockingsii. Our plan is that people will be able to stop and rest on the park bench while observing the bees going about their daily chores. (The bees not people!) The hive will be protected by a steel security cage.

From: Stewart Clarke, Chair and Representative to ANBA
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